Incorporated in 1987, Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd. is a market leader and prominent player in multiple specialty carbon product segments like Coal Tar Pitch, Carbon Black, Naphthalene and Refined Naphthalene, SNF, and Specialty Oils, among others. As one of the most integrated specialty carbon corporations, globally, we have built and introduced several innovative products during the 30+ years of our industry presence – catering a diverse range of new-age industries like steel, aluminium, plastic, infrastructure development, automotive, and many more.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Himadri constantly thrives on innovating across our business’ product line. Right through our journey, we have transformed our product portfolio towards high-value products from Carbon Black to Specialty Carbon Black, Coal Tar to Advanced Carbon Material, Naphthalene to Sulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde. In the last few years, we have diversified our product portfolio through forward integration, which includes Advanced Carbon Material and other value added specialty products.

We envision a sustainable progression and thus have devoted ourselves to consistent innovation while adhering to environmental norms for a promising future with holistic development. Our world-class manufacturing facilities are zero discharge facilities which comply with strict emission norms. We have made proactive investments toward energy conservation measures across our facilities. Together these measures make up the primary factors backing our growing present. Hence, leading Himadri towards fulfilling our company’s vision and becoming the global leader.


Himadri harbours a vision to become a global leader in speciality carbon products by adopting appropriate eco-friendly technologies and enhancing core capabilities through continuous product improvement, technical innovations and customer satisfaction.


  • To be a company that constantly innovates new products and technologies in the field of Carbon.
  • To have an unrelenting customer focus while being customer’s clear choice.
  • Be a company that attracts, develops individuals to build a proud Himadrian team.
  • Stay committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic & environmental well-being of communities in the region of our operations.


  • Integrity
    We shall be thoroughly professional in all our activities with absolute honesty and will never compromise on our principles in any way.
  • Excellence
    We will always strive to achieve the best level of performance in whatever we do and continuously improve ourselves in order to reach that level.
  • Safety
    The safety of our stakeholders – employees, suppliers, buyers and society, is of utmost importance to us and we will never settle for any practice which puts it in danger.
  • Sustainability
    We will carry out all our business activities to positively contribute to the creation of a better tomorrow for our future generations.
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